White Tea for Weight Loss

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For years people have been talking about the weight loss benefits of green tea.  Supplements have even been introduced that are made primarily of green tea extracts. That is old news.  The new touted tea is white tea.

White tea is the first tea harvested each spring. It is handpicked while the buds are still covered in white down.  It has many properties that make it very good for you.

It prevents the body from storing fat, diets are easier to follow, it actually burns calories for you and could even boost your mental strength. 

Japanese scientists discovered high levels of compounds that help fight the absorption of fat. The compounds called theaflavins and thearubigins were shown to stop weight gain in lab rats that feasted on high fat diets.

German Scientists have also discovered that the tea reduced the growth of fat cells and broke down the fat in existing cells.

Most nutritionists suggest that you not drink your calories. White tea is considered a negative calorie drink so it is safe to drink without providing additional calories. It will also help you with the standard diet rule of drinking more water.

The tea has just enough caffeine to be beneficial.  Its small amounts will help boost your metabolism without the nasty effects of larger quantities of the stimulant. 

The trick is to drink it without milk or sugar.  The proteins in the milk react negatively with the fat fighting properties as well as the cholesterol blocking properties too.

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