YouTube CEO Steps Down to Focus on Fashion

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Chad Hurley, co-founder of YouTube, has stepped down from his position of CEO of the company to take on a surprising new project: a fashion line for men.

The line, known as Hlaska (a combination of Hawaii and Alaska), sells clothing your average tech guy might wear. For example, short-sleeved collar shirts, quirky cufflinks, laptop covers, sleek watches, things like that. The gear’s kind of expensive, in my opinion. A simple white t-shirt is $38.00. Then again, the techie employees of Google, Facebook, YouTube, and the like can probably afford it.

Though Hurley’s move from the high-tech world of YouTube to the softer world of fashion seems really random, he says the principle of both companies is the same. 

“We make stuff we want to use,” Hurley said in an interview with Forbes magazine.  “We make wallets, bags and shirts we'd want to see sold in stores. In that sense it's exactly like YouTube. We wanted something that wasn't available, so we built it ourselves.”

Right now, there are only three brick-and-mortar Hlsaka stores (Palo Alto, San Francisco, San Jose), but Hurley and his partner hope to open a few more in 2011. If you just can’t wait to buy a pair of Motherboard Cufflinks then head on over to and get to shopping.

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