Your Guy and The Doctor

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Men are notorious for avoiding the doctors when they are sick or even for regular checkups. The Agency for Healthcare Researcher and Quality say that 25% of men are less likely to visit the doctor than their female counter parts. This is a bit disturbing since men are more likely to die from a serious illness.

Men just are not socialized to talk about health concerns the way women are. Most men find waiting in an office to see a doctor to be a waste of their time or they just don’t trust doctors.

If they feel fine they reason there is no need to see a physician. Unfortunately the most common health issues men face have no symptoms that would make them feel ill. High blood pressure, high blood sugars, and bad cholesterol leave no visible signs that there is s problem until it’s too late.

So how do you get your guy to the doctor? Have a heart to heart talk with your guy. If you can make your guy aware of the risks and the impacts on you as a couple he may be more willing to go for regular exams if not for himself, at least for you. While “till death do us part” is part of married life there is no excuse for willing cutting a life short just to avoid an uncomfortable situation.

The old saying: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure could not be truer when it comes to men’s health. It includes eating right, getting exercise and having the right tests done. Those tests are screenings for prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. Both will have postive outcomes if caught early.

The easiest things to control are high blood pressure and high cholesterol, but they can’t be controlled unless he knows what those numbers are. Tell him high blood pressure puts him at risk for erectile dysfunction. Most men don’t want that to fail them and if he thinks a little blue pill will help, well he has to get a prescription for it.


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