Need Another Reason to Diet? This Time, Choose God

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An evangelical church in New York is trying to lure in new members with a six-week weight loss course called “BOD4GOD.”

The Journey Church, which has four locations in New York City, is using a program inspired by the teachings of Virginia minister Steve Reynolds, also known as “the Anti-Fat Pastor.” 

Reynolds, after losing 100 pounds, published the book Bod 4 God, which defines the four keys to weight loss as:

1)      Dedication: Honoring God with Your Body

2)      Inspiration: Motivating Yourself for Change

3)      Eat and Exercise: Managing Your Habits

4)      Tem: Building Your Circle of Support

Sounds kind of like most weight loss programs, doesn’t it? Plenty of churches organize Weight Watchers meetings or support groups for members trying to lose weight, the basic method of BOD4GOD is that in times of weakness, all one has to do is remember that he or she is “God’s creation,” and therefore still worthy of his love, despite their body shape or level of health.

On the one hand, people get a boost of self-esteem from being reminded that they are “God’s creation,” but they’re also being told that if they’re out of shape, they’re “dishonoring God,” which may not be the best approach when someone is trying to lose weight – guilt generally doesn’t make anyone feel better.

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