2000s: The Decade of the Breast Implant

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Plastic surgery has been on the rise in the last ten years  or so, but now, in 2011, many types are on the decline. Surgeons are performing fewer nosejobs, less liposuction, and lip augmentation procedures aren’t as common, but one procedure has remained more popular than ever: breast enhancement. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of breast implant operations increased 39% over the last decade.

Breast lift operations also saw a huge jump – up 70% since 2000. As for women who wanted, ahem, smaller sizes, those numbers went down –breast reduction surgeries were down 2%, and implant removal procedure rates dropped 47% since 2000. It seems women are still willing to go under the knife for a bigger chest.

However, other once-popular procedures saw a significant decline, with liposuction down 43%, nose jobs down 35%, and face lifts down 16%.  Some British newspapers claim that Mad Men star Christina Hendricks could be to blame for the rise in breast enhancement surgeries, but U.S. newspapers make no mention of such correlation.

So why the rise? Perhaps it’s a societal pressure: many celebrities have plastic surgery, yet it seems that the most commonly denied procedure has to do with breast size – has she or hasn’t she? It is seen as not acceptable for a woman to have a smaller chest, and when a woman takes the steps to change that, it’s stigmatized.

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