“Poor White Trash” Woman Sparks Controversy With Interracial Dating Guide

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Do black men really have large equipment? Do Asian men like their wives submissive? Are Jewish men really cheap? These are the questions J.C. Davies, a dating author from New York City, sought to answer in her new (self-published) book: I Got the Fever: Love, What’s Race Gotta Do With It? However, though Davies, a self-described "poor white trash" woman, insists she isn’t a racist, her use of terms like “Oreo” and “JAP” may cause readers to think otherwise.

"No one has the balls to write about sex and culture in a real way," Davies, 42, told the New York Post. "You have to make it super-p.c. and be the professor of blah-de-blah and have charts and graphs. The expectation is that [black men] are great in the sack and have huge equipment -- don't people really wanna know? Is the equipment super-sized? Let's just go ask some people!"

Davies claims to have interviewed hundreds of people for the book, and that the conclusions she draws in I Got the Fever come from these interviews as well as her own personal experience with interracial dating. While she frequently uses offensive terms and makes vague generalizations about certain races, Davies does admit that race doesn’t completely make the man.

"a label...can never adequately describe any man. Every man is shaped not only by his culture, but also by his upbringing, life experiences, the extent to which he accepts or rejects cultural norms,” Davies writes in the book.

Is Davies a racist? Offensive terms aside, The New York Post points out that fetishizing other races, as Davies seems to do, is a form of a racism, while Gothamist is troubled by the book’s basis on “separate but equal ‘fevers.’”

What do you think? Is Davies’ book offensive and inappropriate or is it a refreshingly honest look at interracial dating?

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