Is NBC’s “Fashion Star” a Do or Don’t?

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Fashion Star debuted on NBC last night, and reviews of the show are a bit mixed. Some, like Entertainment Weekly’s April Daley, like the “thrill of the shopping/runway combo” and advise viewers to tune into the new fashion reality show. Critics like US Weekly, on the other hand, say the disjointed show needs a bit of altering, while the New York Daily News also thinks Fashion Star is a bit “murky.” So is it worth checking out?

Hosted by supermodel Elle Mcpherson, Fashion Star features 11 aspiring designers who model their designs for fashion mentors Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, and John Varvatos, as well as a few-real life buyers who may bid (or not bid) on designs to sell at Macy’s, H&M, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Last night, eight of the eleven contestants failed to get a bid from any of the buyers, and an Australian designer who told Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie that girls don’t understand men’s fashion got the boot (video below). The winner of Fashion Star will receive a $6 million collection. Viewers can also purchase clothes featured on last night’s episode at Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's, and H&M. A few of the designs are already sold out, so at the very least Fashion Star is a useful marketing tool if not the most stellar of programs.

Though it's unlikely the show will enjoy as much popularity as Project Runway, Fashion Star does take a unique approach to the fashion design/runway competition, and it's interesting to see the designer's creations for sale online. If you're into fashion, Fashion Star is worth checking out at least once.

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