Enterprising College Students Invent JoeyBra – A Bra with Storage Capacity

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Little black dresses don’t leave a lot of room for things like keys, credit cards, and cell phones, and dragging a purse around a party or nightclub can be a pain. That’s why two University of Washington students invented the JoeyBra – a garment that allows women to stow items in a pocket attached to the side of their bra.

“From our own personal experience, we know that women hate taking purses to dances, bars, or dance clubs,” founders Mariah Gentry and Kyle Bartlow write on JoeyBra.com. “Leaving these items at home can pose a safety risk, but with JoeyBra women will never have to worry losing or damaging their valuables again.”

Available for pre-order and priced at $29.99, the JoeyBra comes in small, medium, and large and can accommodate “most” women who wear a 32A – 32D. Interested? Get one here. Hope you like the print Sexy Leopard.

Reactions to the JoeyBra are mixed, with women like Jezebel’s Erin Gloria Ryan calling it a tasteless monstrosity and readers calling it useful and innovative. What do you think of the invention? I think it’s pretty clever, though I can understand how servers and bartenders might be put off by accepting sweaty money that came out of someone’s bra. 

In other news, a company named Neckid today announced another party girl product - a pouch that women wear around their necks. 

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