Have You Heard of Liarexia?

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It’s a sad day when the eating disorders that are already recognized aren’t enough – a new one has evolved, one that describes women who order huge portions of food while they’re out with others, but who also dramatically restrict their eating while they’re by themselves. These women can now be referred to as liarexics – a term that the Daily Mail coined.

The newspaper writes, “Fearful of appearing to be too hung up on eating, actresses who maintain size six figures are desperate to prove how “healthy” (or, in other words, large) their appetites are. Gwyneth Paltrow, 38 but with the lithe body of a 16-year-old, claims to “adore” fried foods and pizza; Drew Barrymore reportedly “loves” macaroni and cheese; and just the other week, Gordon Ramsay claimed Victoria Beckham “eats like a horse.”

The Daily Mail even guesses that some stars go as far as ensuring they are photographed while eating – a “DIPE” –documented instance of public eating.

It’s a strange situation if women think they have to lie about their consumption habits just to appease others, but thanks to ultra-slim celebrities, it’s almost as if that’s expected of all women nowadays – a “picture perfect body” without the effort of watching one’s diet or participating in regular exercise.

Have you ever claimed to eat more than you really do?


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