Womens’ Makeup Use an Indicator of Self-Confidence Level

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If you’re a woman, chances are you belong to one of two camps – the “I always wear makeup” camp or the “I never wear makeup” camp.  But were you aware that, according to style writer Bethan Cole, your level of makeup use may be an indicator or you self-confidence level as well? Put simply, she writers, women “increasingly dare to bare.” In other words, the less makeup you wear, she claims, the higher your self confidence is.

Actresses, first ladies, and regular women alike are all shunning the use of makeup. It seems as though the lack of cosmetics is becoming somewhat of a cult thing – recent beauty trends have underlined the move towards a makeup-free face: scrubbed skin, bleached brows, and mascara-free lashes were popular last season, and naked eyelids are the trend for spring.

It seems there is a bravery and efficiency associated with not wearing makeup that works well when it comes to professional careers. Some women feel they get taken more seriously when they don’t wear makeup. Says Ouma Sananikone, a former chief executive of wealth management companies, “Anything that is a distraction – be it overly heavy makeup, strident suit colors in men, over-preening – would be perceived as lack of judgement in a finance environment. Apart from the occasional lipstick, I have never worn makeup to work.”

But, she points out, that although makeup may not be important, general grooming is. “If you are badly groomed and wore no makeup, it would hold you back.”

But not everyone has accepted the makeup-free face. Nicola Moulton, health and beauty director of Vogue UK, says, “I’ve never really bought into the idea that women who don’t wear much makeup are actually the most confident ones. There’s laziness, there’s lack of skill and there’s not knowing what to buy, which could all be factors too.”

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