OSHA Issues Hazard Alert for Brazilian Blowout Treatment

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A popular hair-straightening treatment, the Brazilian Blowout, is said to offer customers extremely straight, shiny, sleek hair for up to three months. But, there’s been speculation and reports that one of the ingredients in the treatment, formaldehyde, was harmful for employees who expose themselves to the chemical on a frequent basis.

Today, OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, issued a hazard alert for the straightening product.

“Oftentimes employees are exposed to chemicals and they need to know how to protect themselves before they get into an accident or injury,” says James Honeman of OSHA.

OSHA claims that the Brazilian Blowout may expose salon workers to high levels of formaldehyde, which can increase cancer risk. When heat is applied to the chemical straightener (using a flat iron), trace amounts of formaldehyde are released into the air. If the area surrounding the treatment is not well ventilated, or if the amount builds up, it can cause irritation and even eventually lead to nose or lung cancer.

Honeman reports that so far, no complaints have been filed about salons in Minnesota (where he is located), but the California attorney general has filed an injunction against Brazilian Blowout, seeking to require health warnings on the product.

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