Five Quick Ways to Make Your House Look Clean

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It happens to the best of us: we invite over a guest, but then realize we have dirty dishes in the kitchen, a dusty living room, etc. You can’t really call and cancel, and even if you tried to and explained to your friend why you were cancelling, they’d laugh and say, “No, no, don’t worry about it, I don’t care about a mess.” That said, here are five quick, easy ways to make your house look clean and presentable, even if it’s not perfect.

First, de-clutter. Scattered magazines, old newspapers, towels on the floor. Pick them up, stack them neatly. Make sure to get dirty dishes out of the sink. Put them in a (cold) oven if you need to. Dirty dishes in the sink make an otherwise clean kitchen look sloppy. If there’s a lot of mess to de-clutter, you can always try just piling the clutter into a laundry basket, then putting your laundry over the clutter. Bam! De-cluttered. Next!

Next, grab a damp cloth and wipe down floors quickly. If you’ve got carpet, bust out a vacuum (or, if it’s just pet hair you need gone, use a lint roller). Use another damp cloth to go over the major furniture people see. Dusty furniture is a telltale sign of a house that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned in a while.

Third step: open and close things. Open your drapes, the bathroom door, and rooms that are clean and you wouldn’t mind people seeing in. Close: The shower curtain, closet doors, cabinets, and doors to nonessential rooms that can’t be cleaned in two minutes.

Make the place smell nice. This can be as easy is dropping peels of lemons and oranges into your garbage disposal if you have one, or opening the windows. You could even try a quick mop with a nicely-scented floor cleaner, and in a pinch, you can just tack a dryer sheet onto a fan to freshen the air. Be wary of spray room deodorizers, as those can have a fake smell to them. If you’ve got the time? Bake something. That makes the place smell great, even if its just premade store-bought dough that you pop in the oven ten minutes before your guests arrive.

Finally, if you have the time or resources, put out flowers. This gives your house a “finished” feel, as though you spent the afternoon cleaning.

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