Football Star Tim Tebow to Release Memoir

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Coming soon to a bookstore near you, a Tim Tebow memoir about faith, family, football, and fulfilling dreams!

The beloved Tebow, former quarterback for the University of Florida, has teamed up with Nathan Whitaker to pen up an inspirational novel entitled "Through My Eyes," scheduled to be released in April. Though the former Heisman winner is only 23, and currently only a backup for the NFL Denver Broncos, Tebow gained such a following during his college career that sports writers like ESPN's Bill Williamson expect the book to be an "instant best-seller." Other, more cynical, writers note that as Tebow has only played in four NFL games so far he should have plenty of time to think about his new book.

For his part, Tebow said "I hope it can inspire people of all ages that are aspiring to fulfill their dreams. I look forward to taking readers inside my life, both on and off the field."

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